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Originally constructed in 1850, the Delton Academy, was a one room Baptist Boys School House. It continued as such until the time of the Civil War. In 1865, it became Delton Methodist Church. in 1894, the church was expanded and the entry way and the side room additions were built. What was originally the entrance was replaced with the G.A.R. stained glass window and the bell tower was added. During this period it was also used as the G.A.R. Hall. Grand Army of the Republic was the Civil War version of the V.F.W. for the Union Army. In 1868 General Order #11 of the G.A.R. called for May 30th to be designated as the day of memorial for Union veterans; originally called "Decoration Day", it later evolved into the U.S. National Memorial Day Holiday. The G.A.R. was also active in pension, legislation, establishing retirement homes for soldiers, and many other areas which concerned Union veterans. The influence of G.A.R. led to the creation of the Old Soldiers' Homes of the late 19th century, which evolved into the current United States Department of Veterans Affairs'

The back room, bathroom and kitchen addition was added sometime in the 1950's. In the 1970's the Methodists built a new building across the lake and vacated this one. It was then purchased by a group of local residents and it became the Old Academy Antique Mall. In Spring of 2007, the building again undertook a revamping and became what you see today; the oldest public building in the Southwest Wisconsin area and home of the BRAT HOUSE GRILL. It is remarkable what great shape the place is in given the extensive and carried history.